Grace Zhang


Grace is a 16 year old artist from Long Island, New York. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember and loves to express her creativity through many different mediums. She hopes to pursue filmmaking in the future.

Lorraine Fico-White

Owner/Senior Editor

Founder of Magnifico Manuscripts, Lorraine Fico-White holds a degree from Winthrop University. As a certified editor, she provides editing and proofreading services for national and international authors and business professionals. Lorraine works with a network of colleagues who can assist you on your path to publication if you require additional services. These experts include graphic and interior layout designers, illustrators, photographers, ghost writers, copywriters, ebook formatters, and indexers. She also serves in the following capacities:

Lorraine’s passion for the written word carries over from business to her personal life as she enjoys reading and belongs to multiple book clubs. She equally values time spent with family, riding her horse, protecting sea turtles, snorkeling, and relaxing at the beach.

Lorie DeWorken

Book Design

I love books. I love words.

Even better, I love working with both of them.

Once upon a time I thought my love affair with books was just about reading them. Then the evolution of ebooks began changing everything in the publishing world – and in mine, too.

My first ebook design – for PDF distribution quite a few years ago – was so simple, yet so amazing for me. It was my entry into publishing and has led to many, many more ebooks and then print books.

It doesn’t matter to me so much whether it’s a print book or a PDF one – I love both because of all the design possibilities! – whether it’s a Kindle file or an epub – I love the challenge of HTML! What matters is that I get to continue my love affair with books by helping to create them, by helping people share their ideas, stories, lives in print – actual AND virtual.

So this site is about that.

It’s about being involved in some way with getting your words on a page or a screen and into people’s hands.

The articles and content on MtM are designed to get you writing, to get you published, and to help you with every step along the way – including my favorite, DESIGN. I look forward to sharing every bit of the process with you – through my own knowledge and experience and by connecting you with some of the best resources on the ‘net.

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