By Carla Harker, Bill Webb

Whereas investigating a mysteriously deserted mansion, the adventurers stumble right into a tangled net of kidnapping, robbery and homicide. From a mansion with a perilous mystery to the blood-stained waves of the excessive seas and an old, cursed castle, the adventurers face a succession of deadlier and deadlier foes, with the rescue of innocents and the restoration of terrific treasure as their final rewards. A kin Affair features a totally built city surroundings, a variety of particular NPCs and quite a lot of difficult competitors. A d20 event for 4-6 desktops of point eight or larger.

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A candlestick rests in the center of the bed, atop a green quilt. One of the toy soldiers tried to set a trap with the bed, but the legs broke before it could complete the task and crushed it beneath the heavy furniture. If a PC moves the bed out of the way, they can find the broken body of the construct beneath it. If a PC specifically looks at the bed legs and makes a DC 15 Intelligence check, he notices someone partially sawed the legs before they snapped. Treasure: Three silver candlesticks worth 25 gp each and a silver candelabrum worth 50 gp.

Inside the bowl are three clear glass rocks on which continual flames have been cast. A spiral staircase in the western hallway leads to the second floor. One of the paintings is an early original artwork by famed elven painter, Enoven (Bardic Knowledge or Appraise check DC 20 to recognize the painting,) worth 3,500 gp. Elion affixed a stone of alarm (command word "apalax") to the frame of the painting. 4. Kitchen Dirty dishes piled on the countertops, in the washbasin, and even on the floor reek of rotten food.

Treasure: Shield guardian amulet. PCs must remove the floorboard in order to recover the amulet. The three candlesticks are worth 25 gp each. 33. Servants' Rooms Two bunk beds covered in thin sheets, and small footlockers fore and aft of each bed are the only furnishings in these rooms. Pegs for holding cloaks or dresses hang on the walls. These are larger servants' quarters for guests bringing more help. The footlockers are empty. 34. Guest Room Three claw-legged red chairs huddle around the fireplace.

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