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A family members guy : in 3 acts. please stopover at for a whole record of titles

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Softly] Monsieur is not 'appy. BUILDER. [Surprised] What? No! Who'd be happy in a household like mine? CAMILLE. But so strong a man−−I wish I was a strong man, not a weak woman. BUILDER. [Regarding her with reluctant admiration] Why, what's the matter with you? CAMILLE. Will Monsieur have another glass of brandy before I take it? BUILDER. No! Yes−−I will. She pours it out, and he drinks it, hands her the glass and sits down suddenly in an armchair. CAMILLE puts the glass on a tray, and looks for a box of matches from the mantelshelf.

Have you seen this, Camel−−in the Stop Press? CAMILLE. No. They read eagerly side by side. TOPPING. [Finishing aloud] "Tried to prevent her father from forcing her mother to return home with him, and he struck her for so doing. She did not press the charge. " Well, I'm blowed! He has gone and done it! CAMILLE. A black eye! A Family Man 43/58 A Family Man TOPPING. [Gazing at her] Have you had any hand in this? I've seen you making your lovely black eyes at him. You foreigners−−you're a loose lot!

MAYOR. Be careful. Will you swear to that? MOON. [With that sudden uncertainty which comes over the most honest in such circumstances] Not−−not so to speak in black and white, Your Worship; but that was my idea at the time. MAYOR. You won't swear to it? MOON. I'll swear he called me an idiot and a lout; the words made a deep impression on me. CHANTREY. [To himself] Mort aux vaches! MAYOR. Eh? That'll do, constable; stand back. Now, who else saw the struggle? Mrs Builder. You're not obliged to say anything unless you like.

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