By Rose Wyler, Marjorie Hartwell, Valerie Swenson, Rod Ruth

Животные, растения, камни, гравитация, день и ночь, дождь и снег, небо и океан - множество увлекательных экспериментов и знаний в этой книге.

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Pretend it is the sun. and longer again. That' s how shadows move on the spinning earth. When th e marker is Now spin the globe. in darkness, your home is having night. Limestone Gneiss Sandstone Granite Slate Schist H OW RO C KS W E R E M AD E RocK that is part of the earth's crust Other kinds of rocks have no crystals. has a special name . It is called bedrock . You may find a speckled rock, made Near your house, you may find only of dark and light crystals . This is prob­ one kind of bedrock .

The earth turns us toward the sun, then away from it. But now we know the sun is always in the sky. We see the sun rise as our When our side of the earth is toward part of the earth turns toward it. And the sun, we get some of its light. We we see the sun set as we turn away have day. But the other side is dark. from it. Sunlight cannot go through the There it is night. earth. So one part is always covered We have night when our side of the with a big shadow. This shadow makes earth is away from the sun.

Its water vapor turns into into the air before it can come down. droplets. Puff y little clouds form. More And it is warmth from the sun that and more air rises and cools. The clouds lifts water. grow. Soon they cover the sky. The sun shines on the oceans, on lakes, The drops of water in the clouds grow and on rivers. Water vapor forms and bigger, too. When they are too big to spreads through the air. float in the air, down comes the rain. The Warm air can hold a great deal of big drops splash against the ground.

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