By T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough

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Fermentnii preparaty v pishchevoi promyshlennosti. Moscwa; Pishchevaya promyshlennost, 536 (1975). 12. : Nepretyynoye kultivirovanie mikroorganismov. Moscwa: Phishevaya promyshlennost. 545 (1968). 13. : Recherches suz la croissance des cultures bacteriennes. Paris: Herman et Cie, I (1942). 14. : "Ann. Inst Pasteur" 79, 390 (1950). L. Yarovenko 15. Nakhmanovich, B. /Yarovcnko, V. : Kinetika osakharivaniya i nepreryvnogo spirtovogo brozhenia krahmalistykh sred. Fcrncntnaya i spirtovaya promyshlcnnost 2, 9-12 (1972).

Intermedia IFO 0761 adhers tightly to the surface of the hydrocarbon drop and the microbes on the hydrocarbon drops form clumps during growth, as shown in Section 2. The transfer of substrates other than hydrocarbon was investigated in the growth which accompanied clump formation. This was done so as to assess which substrate-transfer step limits the growth rate, knowledge of which is important for the formulation of a kinetic model of growth. The uptake rate of 3~-HaPO4 from a medium containing n-tetradeeane and glucose was compared with that of a glucose medium without n-tetradecane.

E. the aqueous and the hydrocarbon phase. Numerous discussions have taken place concerning the mechanism of liquid hydrocarbon uptake by microorganisms. In the present review, the uptake mechanisms of liquid hydrocarbon of low solubility in water are first discussed. Then, the growth kinetics o f microorganism on liquid hydrocarbon are discussed on the basis of the uptake mechanism of hydrocarbon for micro. organisms with low and high affinity for hydrocarbon. 32 Y. Miura 2. A f f i n i t y o f M i c r o o r g a n i s m s f o r L i q u i d H y d r o c a r b o n The microbial assimilation of hydrocarbon and the growth on it are considered to be strongly associated with the microbial affinity for hydrocarbon.

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