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The perfumed winds that with the dawn Have they not, Makhfi, caught arise, thy soul away And drenched it with delight, so all the day There cling about thee airs of Paradise ? 63 XXIII FOR my love's madness all the world on me Hath heaped its scorn so from its ways To find a refuge from its cruelty. ; A hermitage, with peace my I flee, soul to bless, Here in a corner of the wilderness, Unseen by secular eyes shall I possess. Who is And the man who boasts to be Love's slave, would save ? whose votaries are not more yet this petty life of his Poor Love, brave !

Holden here, drink thou of this wine, Yea, drain it to the lees, and never fear Intoxication that is all divine. is ; How easy 'tis to sigh and to complain All the world weeps to give its woe relief But proudly in thy heart conceal thy pain, ! And silent drink the poison of thy ; grief. Here is the source of light, the heavenly fount, Here is the vision of eternal grace Brighter than Moses thou, when from the Mount ; He came, God's radiance shining in his 31 face. The wine at night unto the morning lends Its exaltation, morning to the night so never Its dream bequeaths in turn : The sequence But, Makhfi, of the tell happy me where Where ends soul's delight.

55 XIX DESOLATE one, when Shalt thou the shining garden see again Keep thou within thee, holy and apart, The garden of thy heart ? ; As the long-prisoned bird, Forgetting that it ever flew, and heard Songs of the wild, and pinions wide unfurled, Makes of the cage its world. No fear indeed thou hast, heart within the net of love held fast, Of separation's bitter agony Thy love is one with thee. Sadly we wait and tire, sight of the Beloved Face desire In vain, till in our hearts the hope is born Of Resurrection morn.

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