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The group's superior status being related to a conflict of values; in other words, some members perceive this superior status as being based on unfair advantages, various forms of injustice, exploitation, illegitimate use of force, etc. (Tajfel, 1978). Page 8 Group A. This category refers to high status groups with insecure social identity where group members experience conditions conducive to leaving the group. It is alleged that this cell is not likely to contain many instances, as long as the above-mentioned condition of threat does not become overwhelming.

Ultra-right wing dissent to the government takes a traditional conservative form and is concerned with the re-implementation of a stringent type of apartheid which was popular in the 1960s. From a Nationalist perspective, Afrikaans-speaking political dissidents could thus hold left wing or ultra-right wing attitudes. As my interest is in those group members who advocate a change in the status quo, this study focused on left wing Afrikaner dissidents. Ultra-right wing Afrikaner dissidents are concerned with the maintenance of the Afrikaner group's dominant position within South African society and were, therefore, not included in this study.

While both these methods are regarded as being of social psychological origin, they are rarely used (especially without some quantitative method as "back-up") in current mainstream social psychology. Therefore, brief overviews of these methods will be supplied, with the focus on the method of autobiography, the more neglected method of the two within the area of social psychology. W. Allport's (1942) description of personal documents as accounts of individual experience which reveal the individual's actions as a human agent and as a participant in social life provided the incentive for an exploration of a qualitative approach to the study of Afrikaner dissidents.

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