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Philip K Hitti, t I s t o y of the Arabs: F m E&liest ZYmes to the P . e s t (London: The Macmillan Press, 1974)- 139; Carra De Vaux, "AI-Shahrastkil," 263. 61 AI-SublÜ, Tabaqat, vol. 77. " In al-Dhahabi's Tadhkirat ai-fluffZF as cited by Suhayr MukhtZr, "htroduct ion," 10. " Suhayr Mulchtk, "Introduction," 10. In the year 510/1116-7, when he was in his thïrties, al-Shahrastaiu went to the holy land of Mecca to perfonn the pilgrimage (&B) &er which he travelled to Baghdad. There he was appointed as professor at the Niqâmiyya college.

And introduction by Walter C. Klein (New Haven, Connecticut: American Oriental Society, 1940, reprinted by Kraus Reprint Corporation, New York, 1967). '* A l - M d , Ki'tab a l - L w :tram. Richard J. McCarthy, S. J. (Beirut : Imprimerie Catholique, 1953). " Al-Bàqillarii, al-&@ fmif Yqib I'tiqadutru wa /i * Y ai-JhI &il4 ed. Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthafi (Cairo: Maktab Nashr al-Thaqifa al-Islâmiyya, 1369/1950). 34 AI-BZqilIS, al-Tamb3d A al-Radd % f ial-Mmida ,va al-Mit Vrifa wa ai-Rifig'a rva al-Khawkj wa ai-Mugtap'Ia, ed- Richard J.

Indeed, at a very young age alShahrast-&i travelled to Wawàrian, where he stayed for a while. There, he leamed the traditions @a&'h), for the most part, fkom AbÜ al-Hasan b. Aipnad al- M a s 6 (d. 394/1100). Al-Shahrasta then set out for the city of Naishapür to pursue the science of scholastic theology Cih nom Abu al-Qiisim S u l a p i n ai- A g - 6 (d 51U1118), whom he regarded with great respect. " Another of his most important mastea in Islamic t heology was Abü N q r al-~ushayii:~a leamed scholar not only in the field of Islamic theology but also in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), Qur'i'anic exegesis (fafsrf)and Prophetic tradition (dadith).

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