By Yoshiyuki Nagata

This ebook examines concerns in replacement and mainstream schooling platforms. It offers not just substitute varieties of schooling dealing with real matters in societies but additionally criminal and administrative beneficial properties of schooling. The e-book, facing problems with minority in schooling process, addresses university improvement within the twenty first century in addition to what sort of academic neighborhood could be created within the age of globalization.

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Even if the National Education Commission drafts innovative ministerial orders, however, there appear to be strong reactions against them from within the Ministry of Education, which puts such orders into effect and where there are conservative forces that remain attached to conventional school institutions. The difficulties faced by the official in charge of alternative education in the National Education Commission can apparently be attributed to the work of coordinating among citizens who seek to promote the advanced aspects of the National Education Act, on the one hand, and the Ministry of Education, which seeks to maintain the former educational system, on the other.

Under these circumstances, the Children's Village School started during the late 1970s to become a receiving station for orphans and other children like those described above. Many children, like Aek, were received at the Children's Village School through the Center for the Protection of Children's Rights. The school has accepted children who bear a variety of injuries and other forms of suffering from places other than this center, as well. Their total number exceeded 120 children (as of June 2004).

Even so, the children go ahead and learn for themselves with the support of the teachers. Freedom is at work there, and that is what we are aiming for in our own school, as well. At La Floresta School, too, almost no instruction by teachers is in evidence. As the principal says, This is said to be the information age. That does not mean that we one-sidedly push selected information. What we consider important are the processes of autonomously accessing information and analyzing it. At our school, the role of the teachers is to support those processes.

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