By Wayne Bert (auth.)

A examine of the key U.S. army interventions in unconventional conflict, this booklet seems to be at 4 wars that happened whereas the U.S. was once a superpower within the post-war WW II interval and one within the Philippines in 1898.

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While many of Bush’s advisers might more accurately have been tagged as assertive nationalists, after 9/11 the preferences of the neoconservatives carried the day (Daalder and Lindsay, 2003:46). According to Charles Krauthammer, National Security Advisor Rice, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and President Bush could be considered practitioners of neoconservatism (Schmidt and Williams, 2008). The Bush doctrine is a product of American exceptionalism. It is unique to the United States and was hatched in America, but it is also justified by foreign policy elites as an American offering that is a unique and beneficial happenstance, benefiting both the giver and the recipient.

One indicator of the questioning of realism was the end of the cold war, leading to charges that realism was ineffective in both predicting and explaining the cold war. One topic of contention, among many others, was whether the demise of the Soviet Union could best be explained by structural changes, declining Soviet capabilities and intense competition from the United States, or a more constructivist explanation focusing on the new thinking and new leadership represented by Gorbachev (Wohlforth, 1994–95; Lebow and Risse-Kappen, 1995).

The breakout of the cold war raised fears in the West about the security and stability of the status quo in light of the nature of the Soviet regime and the increasing divergence between Moscow and the American leadership. Whereas Roosevelt negotiated on the basis of both a degree of optimism about Soviet intentions concomitant with the necessity of reaching some kind of agreement on Eastern Europe and other issues, Truman was increasingly confronted with the growing obstinacy and deviant views of Moscow on the postwar order.

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