By Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker

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Johnson H. D , and Wrlhams C. H. (1979) High-performance liquid-chromatographic analysis of biogenic ammes u-t biological materials as o-phthalaldehyde derivatives J Ckromatogr. 162, 29%310 Denckla W D and Dewey H K. (1967) The determmatlon of tryptophan in plasma, liver, and urine. I, Lab fi CIln Med 69, 160-169 Dewhurst W. G. and McKim H R (1979) Is 5-methoxytryptamme the B-type fluorophore m rat brain? Neuropsyckobzol 5, 156-159. , Jenner P , and Marsden C D. (1975) Interference by alpharnethylparatyrosine with three procedures for assay of cerebral catecholamines.

166, 285-292 Ashcroft G. W. and Sharman D F (1962) Drug-induced changes m the concentration of 5-OR mdolyl compounds m cerebrospmal fluid and caudate nucleus Brat ] Pharmacol. 19, 153-160. Assem E. S K and Chong E K S (1982) Simultaneous fluorometric assay of histamine and histidme m biological fluid using an automated analyser. Agents Actrons 12, 26-29. Atack C V. (1973) The determmation of dopamme by a modification of the dihydroxymdole fluorimetric assay Brat ] Pharmacol 48, 699-714. Atack C and Lmdqvist M.

5 with NaOH (lON), and the solution made up to 250 mL with sodmm acetate (1M) (Ansell and Beeson, 1968). 27 g) is dissolved m 100 mL freshly distilled absolute ethanol (Chang, 1964). 5 mL NaOH (5N) lust prior to use. 2. Procedures Catecholamme content of the brain decreases durmg the postmortem perrod For thus reason, following sacrifice, tissue is rapidly removed and dissected on dry ice, wrapped In preweighed alummum forl, and frozen on dry ice. Trssue is stored at -70°C until time of assay. 1.

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