By Anna Munster

At the present time nearly each point of existence for which facts exists may be rendered as a community. monetary facts, social networks, organic ecologies: all are visualized in hyperlinks and nodes, strains connecting dots. A community visualization of a company infrastructure might glance remarkably just like that of a 17 november. In An Aesthesia of Networks, Anna Munster argues that this uniformity has flattened our adventure of networks as lively and relational techniques and assemblages. She counters the “network anaesthesia” that effects from this pervasive mimesis by means of reinserting the query of expertise, or aesthesia, into networked tradition and aesthetics.

Rather than asking how people adventure pcs and networks, Munster asks how networks experience—what operations they practice and suffer to alter and convey new different types of event. Drawing on William James’s radical empiricism, she asserts that networked event is assembled at the beginning via family members, which make up its such a lot instantly sensed and perceived point. Munster significantly considers a number of modern creative and cultural practices that have interaction with community applied sciences and methods, together with databases and information mining, the domination of seek in on-line task, and the proliferation of viral media via YouTube. those practices—from artists who “undermine” information to musicians and VJs who use intranetworked audio and video software program environments—are enthusiastic about the relationality on the middle of today’s community adventure.

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Baran’s distributed communications network has come to possess and project a vector that claims map and terrain simultaneously. Maps are not necessarily or ontologically opposed to diagrams; it is not as if the cartographic must always reterritorialize or the diagrammatic always move away from territories. Indeed, under certain machinic tendencies, the exact overlaying of map onto a territory might describe the de/reterritorializing semiosis: “On a map of an island laid down upon the soil of that island there must, under all ordinary circumstances, be some position, some point, marked or not, that represents qua place on the map the very same point qua place on the island” (Peirce, 1932: 230).

It is as if it offers us up the network as a mosaic of interlinked abstract machines—those that function more diagrammatically, multiplying and generating new relations; and those that overcode, closing down, taking out, and taking over this open looping. For Baran, and during the 1960s, this conjunction materialized as vulnerability to nuclear attack and take down. For contemporary online networks, open architectures have instead paved the way for commercial takeover. This comes largely in the form of networked corporatism that has now saturated online activity, from economies of networked labor through to the attempt to capture all forms of online attention.

3). One movie, one dancer, one “mosaic” tile, is never quite in sync with its conjoining piece. Instead, gesture, dance, and movement “flow” out of one element, infecting the neighbors. Rather than simply moving in a row, the next dancer modulates the last’s gesture in a vast relaying of movements across the screen, across bedrooms and continents, never quite stabilizing into “one” style. Our attention shifts from the actual mosaic pieces, the individual YouTube “nodes,” to a diagram that relentlessly seeks edges with which to conjoin and makes edges through which it disperses—less the spectacular screen-based experience, as Bookchin notes, than a shuddering pulse of networked relationality: The videos come from online social networks, which offer exalted promises of creating social relationships and making the world more open and connected, but instead, produce a cacophony Networked Diagrammatism 35 of millions of isolated individual voices shouting at and past each other.

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