By Frances Karttunen

This can be a accomplished glossy dictionary of the most important indigenous language of Mexico, the language of the Aztecs and lots of in their buddies. Nahuatl audio system turned literate inside of a iteration of touch with Europeans, and an enormous literature has been composed in Nahuatl starting within the mid-sixteenth century and carrying on with to the current.

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CIAHU(I) to get tired / cansarse (M) Z has 0 for A. According to M the preterit of this intransitive verb is identical to the preterit form of the corresponding transitive verb. Because the sequence is internal, it is impossible to determine if it should be IA or IYA. 25,203]. Z has 0 for A. See CIABUIII. CIAHUIHUA nonact. CIAHUIII CIAHUITIA caus. II CIAHUITILIA applic. 49rl. ' See CIAHUIZ- TLI, -CA. 59rl. ' See CIAHUII). 6lV,66vl. One of the attestations has the variant spelling CIANMICTrA. altern.

See CEPOHUA. CEPDHUIHUA altern. nonact. CEPOHUIA CEPDHUILIA applic. CEPOHUIA CEPDHUILD altern. nonact. CEPOHUIA CEPDHUITIA caus. 222]. This intransitive form contrasts with transitiveCEPOHUIA. See CEPOHUA. CEPDHUIYALD nonact. CEPOHUlY(A) CEPPA once, one time / una vez (M) Z consistently has CEPA where the other sources have CEPPA. See CEM, -PA. 20ll. See CEPPA, -HUlA. CEPPAHUILIA applic. CEPPAHUI~ CEPPAHUILD nonact. CEPPAHUIA CEQUINTIN some, CEQUI p1:CEQUIN a separate part / algo, 0 alguna parte de 10 que estaba entero (M), algunos, 0 los unos (M for cequintin) The long vowel of the second syllable in plural forms is abundantly attested in Band C.

In one of the Z attestations the vowel of the third syllable is marked long, but this is contrary to the general patterning of verbs of this type. See COXON(II. COCOXOTZ(A) vt to cause something to make a sloshing noise / agitar una vasija, unos huevos, etc. (SI [(l)Ch4r]. See COXONII). COCOXQUI someone ill, something withered / enfermo, 0 cosa marchita /M) See COCOY/A). COCOY(A) pret: COCOX to be sick / estar enfermo (MI See cocoA. I47]. The derivation of this is opaque. Despite the absence of L, the sense seems to call for COL 'something twisted' as an element.

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