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9, I : 9, 11-12 (mis-spelt ongali); 47. 73-4; USp. : Xak. XI 6:dl: ne:gni: 'he understood (fafina) the matter, nftcr he had thought (tafakkara) about it' Kaf. e. d e k s ] , close the door (on it)' 4560. 3 ayags:z ulu/) kiqlg can hardly mean 'neither honourable nor clishonourablc, great and small', and this must be a rather unusual use of I a p 'very honourable, very dishonourable': Xak. X I a p a word taking the place of ld, 'not', as in a p bu: a p 01 'neither this nor that' Koy. )a p yerne k l n i 01 a p y e m e y a r u k b% 'neither is he upright nor is [his] writing clear'; y e t m e s a n l a r k a ziyHn a p y e m e a81g 'no harm nor advantage comes to them' Tef.

In -de:- fr. belig. -ga:k/-ge:k usually forms Conc. g. egek, kidizge:k, muguzge:k, yagak; very rare, but a common Dev. Suff. ) in gamguk; commoner as a Dev. Suff. s, but quite often Conc. s; its various usages are analysed in Kaf. I 505 ; 5 10-1 1. -mak/-rnek forms Conc. g. kogiizmek, but the connection W. the basic N. is sometimes tenuous; very rare, but common as a Dev. Suff. g. kara:muk, so1a:muk; very rare. ) in baka:iiak 'the frog in a horse's hoof'. -rak/-rek forms Comparative Adjs. ; common.

F, of d ~ : . -&:l-gii: properly a Conjugational Suff. g. bi1e:gii: 'whetstone'; most of the remainder are Conc. g. g. 02la:gu: 'gently nurtured'; it appears in crasis in words like ertigii: and yaku:. ; attached only to Refl. s (and tin-); prob. a crasis of -iq etc. which seems not to be attached to Refl. s in the early period ; common. ) in bosgeq, a Conc. I. in the early period but commoner later; perhaps merely a Sec. f. of -&I$. g. blqguq; rare; also a Den. Suff. g. t u t m a q ; rare. s, and Conc.

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