By Lois Lowry

Anastasia's 10th yr has a few good stuff, like falling in love and very learning her grandmother, and a few undesirable issues, like checking out approximately an approaching child brother.

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8. Funkenstein DH: Medical Students, Medical Schools and Society during Five Eras. , Ballinger, 1978. 9. Zimet CN, Held ML: The development of views of specialties during four years of medical school. J Med Educ 50: 157-166, 1975. 10. Funkenstein DH: Factors affecting career choices of medical students, 19581976. In Shapiro EC, Lowenstein LM (Editors), Becoming a Physician. , Ballinger, 1979, pp. 53-79. 11. Tardiff K, Cella D, Seiferth C, et al: Selection and change of specialties by medical school graduates.

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