By Gabrielle Mogannam, Hayat Nadar, Chris Yalonis, Katy Milton, AbdulHamid Alzaidi, Sami Alramyan and Dr. Bader Almhelbi (Editors)

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We don’t want [them] to be here as soldiers Arabs view US policy in their region to be that of self interest and feel this directly contradicts such notions as spreading democracy. Mr. Khoury illustrates the perceived double standards. “You cannot say that you have invaded Iraq and now so many people have died – on a daily basis there are 100’s of Iraqis who get killed – and you are doing this in order to give the Iraqis democracy – so basically American foreign policy is the cause for adverse perception.

18 Moreover, negative perceptions extend beyond the United States as research suggests that many Arabs are also critical of British foreign policy. A recent survey titled “The Arab Street Revisited: Research from Within”, explores Arab perceptions of the west, namely the US, UK and France. Results indicate an overwhelmingly large percentage of Arabs surveyed were critical of American and British foreign policies, but viewed French foreign policy positively. 19 Research suggests that Arabs generally have a positive opinion of American values and society with American foreign policy being the exception.

Page 37 37 Page III. The Role of the Media The following chapter is a review of critique regarding the role of media in shaping Arab perceptions of the west. Furthermore, it explores Arab media, public diplomacy and globalization. Page 38 38 Page Arab Perceptions of the West Background of Arab Media Arab media have transformed drastically over the past two decades moving away from a stagnant and monolithic nature to a dynamic and diverse source of news and entertainment. Until recently, Arab media have been predominantly government controlled.

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