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6-13), the story is not a funny one overall and for Bathsheba in particular. As Adele Berlin observes, Bathsheba the victim is hardly acknowledged at all: Throughout the entire story the narrator has purposely subordinated the character of Bathsheba. He has ignored her feelings and given the barest notice of her actions... All this leads us to view Bathsheba as a complete non-person. 52 Quite a contrast to Tamar, Rahab and Ruth. But that is not the end of Bathsheba's story. Although often forgotten in popular interpretation, she re-emerges in the opening two chapters of 1 Kings as a major player in Solomon's succession to David's throne.

350). E. Hayes, The Midrashic Career of the Confession of Judah (Genesis XXXVIII26), Part II: The Rabbinic Midrashim', VT45 (1995), pp. 174-87, in which he establishes that many of the rabbis do not condemn Tamar for her actions. It seems that modern sensibilities are much more affronted by Tamar's acts than were those of the ancients. 5. H. C. H. ), Reasoning with the Foxes: Female Wit in a World of Male Power (Semeia, 42; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1988), pp. 37-67 (41). 6. Bos, 'Out of the Shadows', p.

But isn't that a symptom of our own stuffy self-righteousness, a tendency to hide behind our own masks of piety which are just that—comic masks disguising our own hypocrisy? 1-20; cf. 1-36)? Perhaps, then, a healthy sense of humor, especially at one's own expense, is the first step toward the higher righteousness that Jesus emphasizes and embodies—sometimes with women's encouragement. 'MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN F: THE COMEUPPANCE OF THE TRICKSTER IN GENESIS 38 Mary E. Shields From the perspective of the first audience of the Pentateuch in the early second Temple period, reading and hearing the Joseph story would have been well and good; after all, it is through Joseph that the people get down to Egypt, thus setting the stage for the foundational event of Judahite faith, the exodus.

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