By Oliver Bowden

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I spoke hastily before. I think you were right to decide not to kill needlessly. I have always advised moderation. You thought him as good as dead, by his own hand. Who knows? Perhaps he was faking—or perhaps he genuinely failed to give himself a fatal dose of poison. Either way, we must deal with the situation as it is now and not waste energy pondering what we might have done. In any case, we sent you—one man against an entire army of Templars. You’ve done more than your part. And I am still your old uncle, and I’ve been worried about you.

Ezio dared not look up. ” Humbly, Ezio proffered it. ” Her hand caressed the air over it but she did not touch it. It glowed and pulsated. Her eyes bore into him. ” She tilted her head, as if considering something. Ezio, raising his head, thought he could see the trace of a smile on the iridescent face. ” “Oh—many names have I. ” Ezio recognized the name. “Goddess of Wisdom! The owl on your shoulder. The helmet. ” He bowed his head. “We are gone now. The gods your forefathers worshipped. Juno, queen of the gods, and my father, Jupiter, its king, who brought me forth to life through his forehead.

We will talk more of this,” Ezio told her. “I am bidden to a meeting that my uncle has convened. I am expected to explain myself, I think. ” “The meeting concerns me, too,” said Caterina. ” SIX The room was very familiar to Ezio. There, on the now-exposed inner wall, the pages of the Great Codex were arranged in order. The desk, usually littered with maps, was cleared and around it, on severe straight-backed chairs of dark wood, sat those members of the Assassins’ Brotherhood who had gathered at Monteriggioni, together with those of the Auditore family who were privy to its cause.

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