By Alexander Ollongren

In linguistics, one of many major parts of recent learn includes the features and chances of there being a "lingua cosmica," a LINCOS, a common language which may be used to speak with non-human intelligences. This publication touches at the quarter of the improvement and use of a "lingua universalis" for interstellar conversation, however it additionally offers strategies that disguise a huge region of linguistics. Chomsky's paradigm on common houses of normal languages, for a very long time a number one normal concept of average languages, contains the robust assumption that people are born with a few type of universals kept of their brains. Are there universals of this type of language utilized by clever beings and societies somewhere else within the universe? we don't understand no matter if such languages exist. it kind of feels to be most unlikely to figure out, just because the universe is just too huge for an exhaustive seek. Even verification could be difficult to procure, with no quite a lot of good fortune. This publication makes use of astrolinguistic rules in message building and is useful in clarifying and giving standpoint to discussions on existential questions similar to these.

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Assuming the occurring recursive entities to be wellfounded*, the inductive forms can be resolved by matching procedures into bona fide types. Iteration may be needed. The resolved types can then be injected into the environment—enriching it. * A recursive entity is well-founded if it admits a partial ordering with a bottom element. In the various matrjoshkas discussed above this is the case with the (resolving) bottom element usually Doll, but also (s5 Doll), (s6 Doll) and (s5 x) for any x of type Matr qualify and can be used.

It consists of a sequence of two induction hypotheses (P : Matr → Prop) (P Doll) and (x : Matr)(P x) → (P (S x)) followed by the conclusion (x:Matr)(P x). According to constructive logic (the basis of LINCOS) the conclusion is the case for all matrjoshkas, if a resident of (x : Matr)(P x) can be constructed. In other words—if (x : Matr)(P x) is the case. In order to achieve this, the first and second induction hypotheses must be the case; this amounts to finding residents of the first and second induction hypothesis—so that they can be eliminated.

Consider first (1). CONSTANT Alice : Prop. CONSTANT be : Prop → Prop → Prop. CONSTANT what-you-seem-to-be : Prop → Prop. Note (be Alice (what-you-would-seem-to-be Alice)) : Prop. “Be Alice what you would seem to be Alice” Then go to (2). In order to simplify the advice we replace the first line of (2) by the (perhaps not quite grammatical) line. “Imagine yourself Alice to be never not otherwise than” CONSTANT imagine-yourself-to-be : Prop → Prop → Prop. CONSTANT otherwise-than : Prop → Prop. Note (x : Prop) (imagine-yourself-to-be Alice (otherwisethan x)) : Prop.

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