By Mary B. Moore

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22), which shows a chain of upright lotuses and palmettes above a wreath, and has its closest stylistic affinitieswith the Kleophon Painter. Above the torus foot there is a zone of inverted rays, for example, 130 (P1. 22), 132, 133 (P1. 23), 134 (P1. 22), and 137. 22, 132), or they may be separatedby an egg pattern (133: PI. 22). COLUMN-KRATERS 164-233 (Pls. 25-31) The column-krateris a sturdy,practical vessel characterizedby its ovoid body supported by an ogee foot, by a rim that is flat or slightly convex on top with a vertical overhang, and by a flat handle plate that extends beyond the rim at each side and is supported by two columns that give the krater its name.

117 (P1. 19), near the Pothos Painter, has a very low ring base, is without handles, and has a configuration of encircled palmettes with lotuses placed opposite the figures of Apollo and Marsyas. 118 (Pls. 20, 21), which somewhat recalls the Dinos Painter,has a ring base instead of the ogee foot common to stamnoi of the Classicalperiod. Fromwhat remains of the body, it is not as taperingas those of contemporarystamnoi, there is less space between the bottom of the figured decoration and the foot, and an egg pattern with dots, not the maeander, forms the lower border for the figures.

345 [348]:I). 160, 162, and 163 (all PI. 24) comparefavorablywith Type 2 fromKerch,butwithouta specific featurethatwouldwithoutdoubtprovethe type,it is best to leave these fragmentsin the Type Uncertaincategory. 9 Izmir3332 (ABV40, 20; Addenda 11). 10 See AgoraXXIII, pp. 27-29. 11 Mykonos970 (note 4 above). 12 MykonosPainter:Mykonos(ARV2514, 1); Copenhageninv. 9165 (note 5 above). 020 (ARV2552, 27). SabouroffPainter: Berlin2404 (ARV2841, 70;Addenda 296);Berlin 2405 (ARV2841,71);Heidelberg137(ARV2841,72);ParisMarket (ARV2841, 73);BrusselsA 1380 (ARV2841, 74: Type 2).

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