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John, Susan, Titty and Roger, the staff of the Swallow, tackle the activity of mapping the mass of small islands around Pin Mill whereas dwelling at the greatest one. yet who're the mysterious savages who lurk within the islands - and is the tribal totem they locate of their campsite a probability of attack?

(Originally released in 1939)

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Tale approximately sounds

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Your name Helper’s name 23 Make a poster to remind all the children about the playground rule: We play safely in the playground without.......... Your name Helper’s name Your name Africa Europe Australia Helper’s name Try to remember to say 'Sorry' when you hurt or upset someone. All over the world people say, 'Sorry'. Colour in the map. America – blue: Britain – green: Africa – yellow: Australia – purple: Europe – red America Britain 24 25 I should not play in the toilets because: Draw It is not safe.

Your name Helper’s name 40 Keep out of trouble Finish the acrostic to remind you how to behave in the playground. It has been started for you. Put your litter......... L ook......... A lways........ You must........ G o........ R unning........ Only say........ Understand the rules. Never........ Do not........ Your name Helper’s name 41 Understanding rules People who keep to the rules are safe. They also have a good time. Take time to think about the rules for your playground. Make a picture list of the games you can play.

Draw two of them Some places are safe to climb. Draw two of them Your name Helper’s name 34 If you play on the grass ... Draw You might get muddy. Draw You might get wet shoes. Your name Helper’s name 35 Moving safely Colour the traffic lights red, amber and green. Now write when you should: Stop and stand still Walk sensibly Run around Your name Helper’s name 36 It is dangerous to run in and out at play time. Draw You might fall over. Draw You might knock someone over. Your name Helper’s name 37 Sharing information Write a postcard to another school telling them about the good things children do in your playground.

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