By Carolyn Haywood

Carolyn Haywood's tales approximately her irrepressible personality Betsy have by no means been out of print, and now, because of dynamic new covers, the Betsy books will locate their method onto the bookshelves of contemporary younger readers--and into the hearts of a complete new generation.

It's a brand new 12 months, and Betsy has a brand new want: she will play soccer at the boys' crew. after all, the lads refuse to play soccer with a woman. that's, till Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick prepare dinner up a mystery plan to win Betsy a place at the group. . . .

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Almost always, children will, of their own volition, incorporate contrasts into their Playdances. These contrasts should be noted for them, so that they understand right from the beginning the importance of establishing differences. That is why lessons in movement and stillness, high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow, and the exercises that emerge from them provide a foundation for self-awareness. The development of knowledge in the earliest stages of growth is personal. It depends upon the personal relationships between adult and child.

Playing out an experience through bodily movement is the most immediate way young children have of externalizing experiences in order to examine them. However, the child locked in her own under-sensitized body is not going to be easily availed of these experiences. Victor, for example, had to learn to relax his body before he could make pictures. The following exercises are the foundation of the Playdance program. Without being aware of the workings of her body, it is doubtless a child can really communicate or create to her full potential.

Victor: Like a movie? June: No, more like a dream. " Children often respond readily to this form of mental suggestion. His brain began to make just the right pictures, like June had said. Subsequent to this, Victor was often seen sitting quietly with his eyes closed. "Picture time," he called it. Incidents that have puzzled children or caused some fear can also be reexamined in this way. Although children renew pleasurable ~ experiences, like Victor, more often they are trying to understand events more clearly by repeating them.

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