By Radu Popa

This research investigates the key theories of the origins of existence in gentle of recent examine with the purpose of distinguishing among the mandatory and the not obligatory and among deterministic and random affects within the emergence of what we name ?life.? lifestyles is taken care of as a cosmic phenomenon whose emergence and motive force will be seen independently from its Earth-bound typical background. the writer synthesizes the entire primary life-related advancements in a entire situation, and makes the argument that realizing lifestyles in its broadest context calls for a material-independent viewpoint that identifies its crucial fingerprints.

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1994), microvesicles, microspheres (Turian 1999) or droplets (Dyson 1997). Separation from the exterior and spatial organization of living systems is believed to be primordial for some very important reasons. As a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics, an increase in order within R. Popa, Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life, Adv. Astrobiol. , pp. , the entropy of the system plus the entropy of its surroundings). Without a directed channeling of order across space, random exchanges of matter and energy would ‘smooth out’ any heterogeneous distribution of entropy.

A physical separation leading to an overall spatial heterogeneity of the cellular metabolism is also axiomatic in autopoiesis (Varela et al. 1974). Despite these many advantages, one should not exaggerate the importance of a physical boundary in describing life, because not all space-separated entities are alive, while parts of prebiotic evolution may have proceeded without a boundary in open fluids or even on surfaces (W¨ achtersh¨ auser 1988, Clegg and Wheatley 1991). Pioneers of this discipline such as Oparin attributed an exaggerated role to boundaries in the origin of life.

Only systems able to function in a way that restores (extends or protects) at least part of their physical identity have any chance of becoming alive. A steady physical ‘personality’ (or identity) of a system is generally referred to as its quasi-state Θ. One system may display a multitude of quasi-states with different energy levels, entropy levels and complexity levels (Rosen 1991). Short-lived transition stages are not generally considered as quasi-states. A quasi-state is not necessary stable by itself?

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