By Darrell Ezell

The US's once-enthusiastic dedication to revive reliable family with the Muslim international has faded significantly for the reason that Obama's 2009 Cairo speech. This e-book tackles Washington's lagging engagement with the Muslim global and gives a roadmap for the way the united states can use public international relations to re-engage it.

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As the foundational elements of public diplomacy focus on promoting broad opportunities that are inclusive, it is evident why failure occurred, and how post-9/11 public diplomacy is regarded as paradoxical, due especially to: (i) America’s adverse foreign policy in the Arab and larger Muslim world, (ii) the State Department’s application of one-sided messaging attempts that overlapped public diplomacy with nation branding, and (iii) discounting the role of religion and culture when analyzing the social terrain of Muslim majority nations.

15 Over the last decade, the concentration of American foreign policy to curb Islamic anxiety—that leads to terrorism and asymmetrical warfare —was led by the Bush administration’s commitment to promoting democratization. Committed to the democratic peace thesis, the Bush White House and State Department built its argument on their right to enter Iraq upon the conception that liberal democratic states generally show restraint in their relationship with other democracies and they should stand together against authoritarian states—though several limitations to this argument exist.

24 James Madison, writing in The Federalist Papers on the need to safeguard the Union against domestic terrorism, emphasized the ills that corroded European society throughout the seventeenth century. 25 Further, in 1779, with the support of fellow statesmen, Thomas Jefferson made this case against state-supported religion in the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom (passed in 1786). This pre-Constitutional act served as a clause supporting religious tolerance, giving freedom to all Virginians to practice the religious denomination of their choice.

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