By A. David Redish

There are presently significant theories concerning the function of the hippocampus, a particular constitution behind the temporal lobe. One says that it shops a cognitive map, the opposite that it's a key locus for the transitority garage of episodic stories. A. David Redish takes the process that realizing the function of the hippocampus in house will give the chance to handle its position in much less simply quantifiable parts equivalent to reminiscence. Basing his research at the research of rodent navigation--one of the first domain names for figuring out info processing in the brain--he locations the hippocampus in its anatomical context as a part of a better sensible system.Redish attracts at the broad experimental and theoretical paintings of the final a hundred years to color a coherent photograph of rodent navigation. His presentation encompasses a number of degrees of research, from single-unit recording effects to behavioral projects to computational modeling. From this beginning, he proposes a singular knowing of the function of the hippocampus in rodents that could make clear the function of the hippocampus in primates, explaining facts from primate stories and human neurology. The booklet should be of curiosity not just to neuroscientists and psychologists, but in addition to researchers in desktop technological know-how, robotics, man made intelligence, and synthetic lifestyles.

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Wat son , 1907; Dennis , 1932; Honzik , 1936; Olton and Samuel son , 1976; Suzuki , Augerinos , and Black , 1980) . , Dennis, 1932; Honzik , 1936) tested this by training rats to solve complex mazes made of elevated tracks and then interchanging or replacing the tracks without changing the basic shape of the maze. Presumably, the distinctive features of the tracks (such as odor or texture ) would then conflict with the extramaze cues. They found that generally this manipulation had little or no effect, suggesting that animals followed distal cues.

Posttraining injec- Chapter 4 tions of dopamine agonists into caudate enhanced the win -stay task, while posttraining injections into hippo campus enhanced the win -shift task (Packard and White , 1991). There are only three reports of recordings from the rodent caudate nucleus in spatial tasks ( Wiener, 1993; Mizumori and Cooper, 1995; Mizumori , Unick , and Cooper, 1996) and the two most recent are preliminary reports available only in abstract form . While Wiener (1993) stresses cells correlated with head direction , in the small rectangular arena used, a number of other factors such as approach to a corner are also correlated with head direction .

5. Goal memory : a representation that associates motivational and spatial inputs and that accommodates trajectory planning . These abstract subsystems should not be expected to be anatom ically localized ; their functions will be distributed across several brain structures . Chapters 3- 8 address the five subsystems . None of the subsystems work independently of each other , but I have tried to order them in the most straightforward way , with the fewest forward dependencies . Because it is the least dependent on other systems yet is involved in all of the other systems , we will begin with the local view (chapter 3) .

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