By Joseph Lepgold, Miroslav Nincic

The space among teachers and practitioners in diplomacy has widened in recent times, in response to the authors of this e-book. Many diplomacy students not attempt to succeed in past the ivory tower and lots of policymakers disdain diplomacy scholarship as arcane and inappropriate. Joseph Lepgold and Miroslav Nincic show how solid diplomacy concept can tell coverage offerings. Globalization, ethnic clash, and ecological threats have created a brand new set of concerns that problem policymakers, and state-of-the-art scholarship can give a contribution very much to the prognosis and dealing with of probably explosive events.

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Relevant knowledge can be applied to two, conceptually distinct, but in practice overlapping, purposes that are central to policymaking: diagnosis and prescription. Diagnosis consists of defining the sources and parameters of a challenge. Prescription is the business of determining the best apparent response to the challenge, given the diagnosis. Each of the three forms of 36 Types of Knowledge and their Practical Uses relevant knowledge can inform both tasks, but the purpose and emphases differ in the two cases.

To push the point a bit further, wouldn’t this book, written by two professors, be more compelling if it were written by policymakers who decided after a lot of trial and error that they could use more scholarly guidance after all? These are important questions. It may be that the theorypractice gulf in IR is too wide to be crossed with any regularity. We believe, however, that such a judgment is premature. If one examines what thoughtful IR practitioners say about this problem, it is evident that they want useful guidance from SIR, including theorists, and that they might actually use it if theorists were to meet them half-way.

If analytical, the aim is to account for the manner in which the values of some variables are influenced by the values of others (for instance, how the frequency of international conflicts is affected by the state of the global economy). 23 Admittedly, we lack a perfect consensus on these rules at the margins, and not all social scientists adhere to them uniformly. Nevertheless, these principles represent an ideal toward which scholarly endeavors tend and one that distinguishes scientific inquiry from ordinary knowledge.

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