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Information Technology for Counterterrorism: Immediate Actions and Future Possibilities

Taking the cloth on info expertise (IT) contained in an previous nationwide Academies record titled Making the kingdom more secure: The function of technology and expertise in Countering Terrorism as some extent of departure and penned by means of a similar panel that formulated that part of the record, this spin-off document examines the position of IT as a part of the nationwide infrastructure; indicates very important components of study equivalent to details and community safeguard, IT for emergency reaction, and data fusion; and offers thoughts for the way to spur such examine"

Seeking Security: Pathogens, Open Access, and Genome Databases

In the final 30 years, the genomes of millions of organisms, from viruses, to micro organism, to people, were sequenced or in part sequenced and deposited in databases freely available to scientists worldwide. this data is accelerating scientists' skill to struggle ailment and make different scientific advances, yet policymakers needs to think of the chance that the knowledge may be used for harmful reasons in acts of bioterrorism or conflict.

Working Around The Military: Challenges To Military Spouse Employment And Education

This learn confirms that, whereas many spouses of army provider participants paintings and search schooling just like their "look-alike" civilian opposite numbers, they generally lag those equals when it comes to discovering jobs and receiving similar pay. in line with the enter of greater than 1,100 army spouses relating their employment and academic objectives in addition to different information research, the RAND researchers supply options for the dept of safeguard to enhance quality-of-life matters for its contributors and spouses, which ultimately might help the dep. hold the certified team of workers it wishes.

The arsenal ship acquisition process experience: contrasting and common impressions from the contractor teams and joint program office

The Arsenal send acquisition application used to be precise in respects: it represented a brand new operational idea for military weapon platforms, and its administration constitution and procedure represented an important departure from conventional army ship-building courses. The Arsenal send software used to be, in influence, an scan; whereas army anticipated an array of undertaking functions for thw send, it set the undertaking finances because the unmarried immovable requiremnet.

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Fordism further improved this objectification. ”75 Marx and Gramsci agreed on the fact that this process of dispossession and abstraction of the real content of labor was inscribed into a tendency that is structurally immanent to capital. But what is exactly this necessity regulating capital’s transformation? The answer to this question takes us to the understanding of Fordism as a response to the law of the falling rate of profit, one of the crucial points in Marx’s study of the logic of capitalist evolution.

113 This is the most advanced point of Gramsci’s reflection on an issue that would become central for the neo-feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s. 114 They include the private sphere of physical satisfaction, emotions, but also habits in the exchanges between the two sexes. At the same time they pertain to the public dimension, for women are the main agents that move the enormous system of relations of reproduction. ” The parallel with the Taylorized worker is comprehensible. Just as his or her subjective transformation depends on the working out of capital’s processes of abstraction at the service of the producers, the determination of women’s self-transformative activity resides in their capacity to carry out successful forms of struggles in the situation in which they operate.

In a letter addressed to his sister-in-law Tania, dated October 20, 1930, he reflects on the recurrent crisis that his wife Julia underwent while working and raising his sons in Russia. ”102 He then mentions the strict measures, health security, food, schooling, and even good manners that Ford had introduced in his factories. This is a whole system of support and control that served to train and homogenize a heterogeneous workforce, where the well-being of the human is functional to the productive activity, to people’s capacity to efficiently operate the machines.

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