By R. F. Nelson

Laser Books, December 1975 unencumber. The poet William Blake and his spouse Catherine discover unusual occasions and dimensions. Rewritten as "Time Quest" in 1985.

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Nearby was a jumble of bleached ruins. " said Kate, when she could speak. "This once was London, but that was many a million year ago," answered Urizen. " "You can let go my hand now," she said, trying to pull away. Urizen laughed. "Not so fast, young lady. As long as I touch you two, you share in the energy fields that protect me. The moment I let you go, you'd die. There's no air here, and that sun is hot enough to melt many metals. " He tugged on their hands. " They walked across the sands toward the ruins.

Said Kate. Urizen was no longer smiling. "I and other Zoas disagree on many things, but on one thing we all agree completely. " "I understand," Kate said softly. "Good," Urizen said, his habitual smile returning. "Then take your wings and go, with my blessing. " demanded William. " Urizen, for the first time, seemed really puzzled. " Kate had taken a few steps, then paused. "Is that true what Vala says? " Urizen laughed outright. "Now that's a very interesting question! " * The book was printed from twenty-seven plates laboriously prepared by William's own process.

Her answer was always the same. "No indeed, Mr. Blake. " * CHAPTER FOUR… 1790 The lessons had begun again, and Kate had spent night after night with William at her side, gazing into the glowing embers in the fireplace. She wanted to stop, but she had made a vow and she was a woman who did not vow lightly. She wanted to stop because the lessons had begun to produce results. Now and then, quite clearly, she had seen faces form in the dim redness, mad Ogre faces that leered up at her mindlessly, other faces that were impossibly beautiful yet rilled with a demonic delight and a cruelty that terrified her, yet others that looked at her with concern, kind faces that seemed worried about her.

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