By Belva Plain

At thirty-six, Jennie Rakowsky's desires were  coming precise. She was once approximately to marry an excellent man,  her occupation as a legal professional was once skyrocketing, and she  had by no means been extra attractive. after which the secret  she had hidden for nineteen years threatened to shatter it all.From the Paperback variation.

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They were having dessert when Arthur returned to the subject of the Green Marsh, making explanations for Jennie's benefit. "It's almost fourteen hundred acres, including the lake. The town owns it. Was willed to it ... oh, it must be close to eighty years ago. Let's see, we've been summering here since our first son, Philip, was born, and he's going on fifty. At first we rented, and then after I inherited a little money from my grandmother I bought the place for a song. Well, so the town has the land and it's understood that it would be kept as is.

Enid's austere face brightened suddenly. "Believe me, I don't say lightly what I'm going to say now. One doesn't watch one's son give himself and his precious children over to the care of another woman without thinking very, very carefully about her. But you've been so good for Jay. " She laid a hand on Jennie's shoulder. "I want you to know that Arthur and I are most happy about you. " "Sometimes I think I'm in a dream," Jennie said softly. She stroked the pearls. "Jay and I and the children .

There was a long pause. When he spoke again, it was almost in a whisper. " Seconds passed. The second hand jerked and ticked on the desk clock. Small crackling sounds came over the wire, or maybe they were the sounds of blood rushing in the arteries. "She's been searching for more than a year. " I'm going to be sick, Jennie thought. I'm going to faint. She sat down. " She couldn't speak. "Are you there? " A terrible sound tore out of Jennie's throat, as if she had been cut without anesthesia.

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