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BNF for kids (BNFC) presents crucial useful details to all healthcare execs enthusiastic about the prescribing, allotting, tracking and management of medications to youngsters. The source addresses an important wisdom hole in lots of components of paediatric perform through supplying functional info at the use of medications in kids of every age from beginning to formative years.

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618) or baclofen (p. 616). Neuropathic pain Patients with neuropathic pain (p. 261) may benefit from a trial of a tricyclic antidepressant, most commonly amitriptyline (p. 229), for General guidance Parenteral route Diamorphine (p. 252) is preferred for injection because, being more soluble, it can be given in a smaller volume. The equivalent subcutaneous dose is approximately a third of the oral dose of morphine. Subcutaneous infusion of diamorphine via a continuous infusion device can be useful (for details, see p.

Any suspicion of such an association should be reported directly to the MHRA through the Yellow Card Scheme. Congenital abnormalities When an infant is born with a congenital abnormality or there is a malformed aborted fetus doctors are asked to consider whether this might be an adverse reaction to a drug and to report all drugs (including selfmedication) taken during pregnancy. BNFC 2009 Adverse reactions to drugs 23 Prevention of adverse reactions Adverse reactions may be prevented as follows: .

Some flexibility should be allowed in children to avoid waking them during the night. For example, the night-time dose may be given at the child’s bedtime. General guidance Body surface area (BSA) estimates are often preferable to body-weight for calculating paediatric doses since many physiological phenomena correlate better with body surface area. 12 Prescribing in hepatic impairment BNFC 2009 Prescribing in hepatic impairment General guidance Children have a large reserve of hepatic metabolic capacity and modification of the choice and dosage of drugs is usually unnecessary even in apparently severe liver disease.

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