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To see that the patient does not gradually increase the dose of a drug, given for good medical reasons, to the point where dependence becomes more likely. 1). The prescriber should keep a close eye on the amount prescribed to prevent patients from accumulating stocks. A minimal amount should be prescribed in the first instance, or when seeing a new patient for the first time. To avoid being used as an unwitting source of supply for addicts. Methods include visiting more than one doctor, fabricating stories, and forging prescriptions.

When a prescription for a liquid oral preparation is written and the dose ordered is smaller than 5 mL an oral syringe will be supplied (for details, see p. 2). Parents should be advised not to add any medicines to the infant’s feed, since the drug may interact with the milk or other liquid in it; moreover the ingested dosage may be reduced if the child does not drink all the contents. Parents must be warned to keep all medicines out of reach of children, see Safety in the Home, p. 3. Rare paediatric conditions Information on substances such as biotin and sodium benzoate used in rare metabolic conditions is included in BNF for Children; further information can be obtained from: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Drug Information Centre Liverpool L12 2AP Tel: (0151) 252 5381 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Pharmacy Great Ormond St London WC1N 3JH Tel: (020) 7405 9200 Dosage in children Children’s doses in the BNF are stated in the individual drug entries or a cross-reference is provided to BNF for Children.

If any alterations of the arrangements are requested by the addict, the portion of the prescription affected must be represcribed and not merely altered. 12 Adverse reactions to drugs BNF 68 Adverse reactions to drugs Adverse reactions to drugs Any drug may produce unwanted or unexpected adverse reactions. Rapid detection and recording of adverse drug reactions is of vital importance so that unrecognised hazards are identified promptly and appropriate regulatory action is taken to ensure that medicines are used safely.

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