By Andrew Smith, Thomas H.W. Nevins

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Bladc-type front sight, with guard; ramp-type rear sight. adjustable Blade-type front sight without guards; fixed aperture and open V rear sight. Mounted on bar under barrel jacket. Mounted directly on barrel jacket. 315 inch) Caliber ....... 34 inches Length over-all 9 inches Barrel length .. 25 inches down ........ Weight firing .. 48 pounds (with empty magazine) feet per second 1,100 velocity Muzzle Rate of fire .... 315 inch). 36 inches. 188 inches. 12 pounds (with empty magazine). 1,100 feet per second.

By November 1942 Yokosuka 1 left Macassar where it was assembled for transport to Japan. Its strength was heavily depleted by malaria and other endemic diseases. Yokosuka 3 also returned to Japan about this time, with its personnel much depressed because they had not been used fol paratroop operations for which they had been trained. Hunan Operations At 1600 on 21 November 1943 Japanese paratroopers attacked Taoyuan, Hunan, as a phase of their Tungting Lake campaign. Extensive reconnaissance of the area of operations was carried out prior to the paratroop attack, and just before the appearance of the troop-carrying planes the objective was subjected to a heavy and sustained strafing.

22 1,100 160 2 Low-midwing monoplane. 16 970 185 38 MEDIUM BOMBERS Allied designation Nell .......... Betty ......... Range Load Wing type (pounds) (miles) Air speed (mph) Jap designation of engines Type 96. landModel attack 23. Type I bomber Model 22. 2 Mid-wing monoplane. 2,200 2,200 196 2 Mid-wing monoplane. 2,200 2,820 204 NOTF: Figures above are estimated; load is based on normal bomb capacity or freight load; range is based on normal ranges, and air speed on cruising speed; the efficient level for cruising speed in all cases falls within the pattern for paratroop attack set up by the Japanese.

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