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Building Vocabulary talents & thoughts sequence. Heres a good vocabulary application that's both applicable for more youthful scholars operating at grade point and older scholars who've forgotten or by no means mastered the fundamentals. The pleasant glance and tone of this sequence belies the great sweep of the educational series. each topicfrom basic point phonics to the really expert terminology of essay testsis built from the floor up. comprises resolution key, 144-pages

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Many words can be more than one part of speech, depending on the way they are used. Read each sentence. Decide whether the boldface word is a noun (names a person, place, or thing) or verb (expresses action). Write the part of speech on the line. The first two have been done for you. 1. As the moon eclipses the sun, the 7. Tired of eating chicken nuggets surrounding rim of light is intense again and again, the students enough to damage your eyes. started a revolt in the cafeteria. ____________ verb ____________ 2.

Write a compound word that replaces the words in parentheses. 1. On a sunny Saturday, Hilda and Henry enjoy a stroll along the city’s (area that fronts on the water). _____________________ 2. In the evening, Hilda and Henry enjoy a romantic dinner with (light provided by candles). _____________________ 3. Then they often get out the (board for playing chess) and have a game. _____________________ 6. Henry has, in fact, written a (book small enough to be held in one hand) about clever chess moves.

Beyond normal or usual b. small photo b. com PRACTICE PAGE: PREFIXES Practice using some of the prefixes you’ve studied. Add a prefix from the box to each word. Then use the new word in a sentence. Use a dictionary as needed. ) trans- counter- inter- co- fore- 1. _______________front: _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________attack: _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 3.

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