By Anthony Aveni, Katherine Roy

<p>A fantastically illustrated examine the forces that support towns grow—and finally reason their destruction—told throughout the tales of the good civilizations of old the United States. </p><p>
You might imagine you recognize all the American towns. yet were you aware that lengthy ahead of manhattan, Chicago, l. a., or Boston ever seemed at the map—thousands of years sooner than Europeans first colonized North America—other towns have been right here? They grew up, fourished, and finally disappeared within the similar areas that smooth towns like St. Louis and Mexico urban could later look. within the pages of this e-book, you can find the outstanding tale of the way they grew from small settlements to booming urban centers—and then crumbled into ruins.</p><p>

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He was their tutelary god, a special patron whose main job it was to look after the people of Tenochtítlan. The Aztecs believed he was a sun god and one of their ancestors. But clever rulers also established him as the Aztec god of war when they began to build their empire, justifying war and conquest by making it a part of sun worship. Tlaloc, the god of rain and fertility, was worshipped all over ancient Mexico. He appeared in many forms. For example, in one of the codices he is shown bringing different kinds of rain to the crops: soft misty rain, stinging flinty rain, cold icy rain.

Ritualized battles reinforced political fellowship. This is why they arranged the events at convenient times in the carefully regulated seasonal calendar. Games might be played on seasonal agricultural festivals or on the occasion of a celestial happening, such as an eclipse. Pok-ta-pok and lacrosse were also mechanisms for socialization. They promoted stability in the community by appealing to tradition. Every group had its own mythology about the first ball game that was played by the gods of creation.

We know Cahokians made two kinds of pottery: undecorated, or utilitarian, for the household; and decorated, or ceremonial, usually for burials or gifts to honor an important person or ancestor. The Mississippian people had lots of technological artifacts, too: hoes made out of wood and stone, shells and the shoulder bones of large animals for scraping and digging, shell cups and bowls, copper and bone fishhooks, and drills, knives, and grinding stones to process corn, which they acquired from their neighbors to the south.

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