By Jude Welton

Meet Adam a tender boy with AS. Adam invitations younger readers to profit approximately AS from his standpoint.

In this publication, Adam is helping childrens comprehend the problems confronted by way of a toddler with AS; he tells them what AS is, what it seems like to have AS and the way they could support youngsters with AS via knowing their adjustments and appreciating their many skills. This publication is excellent for girls and boys among 7 and 15 years outdated and in addition serves as a superb start line for kinfolk and school room discussions.

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Then I might need to listen, but not look. I’m not meaning to be rude. At that time, this may be the only way for me to pay attention to what you are saying. · Please explain yourself clearly. For example, if you say “tidy up”, I might not know what to do. If you want me to collect papers and put them in a tray, please say so. · Like most people with AS, I learn best when I can see what you mean. Rather than just talking, if you write things down, or draw pictures or diagrams to explain things, it helps me to understand and remember.

But you might have to remind me that you’d like to talk about something else. I might not be able to ‘read’ your face and know if you’re bored. When people with AS grow up, they might become experts in their special interests. Like me, some computer experts have been into computers since they were children. Some of them have AS too. ” 30 CAN I TELL YOU ABOUT ASPERGER SYNDROME? “Why is it called Asperger Syndrome? Is it an illness? ” WHAT IS ASPERGER SYNDROME? 31 “It’s named after a doctor called Hans Asperger who worked with children in the 1940s.

Examples are: · Choices. I find deciding between one option and another very stressful. · Background noise. It’s difficult for me to filter out and ignore background noise. This can make concentrating difficult, and can make me feel stressed. · Loud, sudden noises – from hand dryers to fire alarms. Raised voices can make me panic. · Some children with AS find school strip lights very uncomfortable, especially if they flicker. And sometimes the writing on notices or the board seems to move about, so it’s really hard to read it properly.

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